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Skills and Education Guarantee Pilot (webinar)



On April 22nd, 2020, the European Commission and the European Investment Fund (EIF) launched the Skills and Education Guarantee Pilot (S&E Pilot), a new debt financing initiative dedicated to stimulating investments in education, training and skills. Financing from this scheme (supported by an EU/EIF guarantee) will be offered through financial intermediaries (banks, national promotional institutions, education insitutions, etc. ) to support individual students and learners, as well as enterprises & organisations (incl. higher education institutions) seeking to invest in education, training and skills – including through digital means.
In order to inform interested organisations and stakeholders on the initiative, EIF is organising a webinar on the  Skills and Education Guarantee Pilot on Thursday 25 June (starting 9h30).  The webinar is dedicated to all potential financial intermediaries, with a specific focus on how the S&E initiative can help higher education institutions to attract and support students (at all levels of education and training, e.g. Ba, Ma, PhD, VET, trainees, …), in particular through fee deferral schemes.

Registration deadline: 24/06/2020 17:00 CET