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North-South collaboration working group



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I am writing with important updates concerning our North-South collaboration working group.


ARISE programme

  • First, I am delighted to inform you that the African Research Initiative for Scientific Excellence (ARISE) call for applications just opened today. The deadline for applying is 30 July.
  • As mentioned during the last North-South meeting, we would like to encourage you to let us know if you intend to recommend one/several candidates by Friday, 2 July. We would then aim to organise an info session with the concerned applicants, in order to exchange thoughts and information on the application process. This is a new call, and we feel it might be helpful to share notes on some on the key parameters of the call (e.g. geographical balance, etc).
  • As a reminder, the call is open to African nationals with 2-7 years of research experience since completion of their PhD, a scientific track record showing great promise, and an excellent research proposal to conduct excellent research in an African university or research institution.
  • The call benefits African Universities and their researchers – however, a research stay for a period of time at a European partner university could strengthen any application, so it might be also in our immediate self-interest to support strong candidates.


Horizon EU’s Africa Initiative

  • Second, you might have seen that the Horizon EU 2021-2022 main work programme was published yesterday, with around 40 calls and more than €350 Mn for the ‘Africa initiative’. The Africa initiative encompasses Horizon Europe calls for proposals that require or encourage participation of African entities. More information can be found in this factsheet.
  • To facilitate your research on the EU Funding & tender opportunities portal, there exists a flagging system that allows you to display directly all the calls open to African entities.
  • Besides, DG RTD will be organising several regional information seminars that will soon be posted on their website (most likely here):
    • 8 July – South-Mediterranean
    • 9 July – SSA French
    • 12 July – SSA Portuguese
    • 15 July – SSA English
    • 16 July – South Africa


Upcoming events


Please feel free to get back to me for any question you may have, I look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,

Laura Royer