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Testni dostop do SciVal



SciVal je orodje za analizo raziskovalne dejavnosti. Podrobnejše informacije so navedene spodaj.

More information about SciVal is available from the Help menu in www.scival.com, including:

  • The online manual
  • A Quick User Guide
  • The SciVal Metrics Guidebook

See also the SciVal info site at http://www.elsevier.com/solutions/scival and the Elsevier Developers portal at https://dev.elsevier.com/


Testni dostop do SciVal je do 19. 10. 2023 možen z Digitalno identiteto UL. Na povezavi scival.com desno zgoraj izberete Sign in nato Sign in with your institution. Na ARNES-ovem seznamu izberete UL in se prijavite z Digitalno identiteto UL.


Gospod Anton Degtev (a.degtev@elsevier.com) bo SciVal predstavil na delavnici 22. 9. 2023 ob 13.00 prek povezave Zoom:

This online workshop will cover the basics of SciVal - a scientometric analysis tool now available at the University of Ljubljana on a trial basis (valid till October 19th, 2023).

SciVal can help with research and funding trends analysis, performance and impact evaluations, collaboration, and literature search.

We'll go through the following topics:


1. Introduction

2. SciVal overview: data sources, indicators, modules, use-cases

3. Institutional profile overview

4. Rankings Data in SciVal

5. Research And Funding Trends Analysis

6. Collaborations and Impact

7. Benchmarking, comparisons

8. Q&A


Before or after the workshop, I encourage you to check out our collection of recorded webinars on Brighttalk and our CEE training hub.


Zoom link:


Meeting ID: 979 5505 1996
Passcode: 478112