Foreign students (1st and 2nd level): Autumn exam period 2019/2020 (17.08.2020 - 11.09.2020)



Dear students,


With the desire to pass the exams as predictably and best as possible during these times, we recommend that, despite the current possibility of entering the Republic of Slovenia and for those coming from countries on the 14-day quarantine red list, you take the exams remotely. For any further information please contact the examiner.


If you are unable to complete the missing obligations by the end of the academic year, you have the option of extending your student status under Article 49 of the COVID-19 Epidemic Intervention Measures Act and mitigating its consequences for citizens and the economy (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 49/20 and 61/20).


Study activities in the winter semester will start on October 1st for the 1st year generation and on October 5th for the others. If there are no changes in measures, we will start with a hybrid way of working, with which we will inform you in more detail by the end of August.


Stay healthy.


With all due respect,

Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

doc. dr. Franc Dimc