Raziskovalni projekti

CRIMARIO – Critical Maritime Routes in the Indian Ocean

Vodja projekta na FPP: izr. prof. dr. Peter VIDMAR


Trajanje projekta: od 01.01.2015 do 31.01.2019

Sodelujoče organizacije:

  • Expertise France (the contractor)
  • Accademia Italiana della Marina Mercantile - International Maritime Safety Security and Environment Academy
  • Bulgarian Maritime Administration,
  • Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Comando Generale del Corpo delle Capitenerie di Porto – Guarda Costiera
  • Cork Institute of Technology (National Maritime College of Ireland)
  • Directorate General for Maritime Policy
  • University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport 
  • World Maritime University

Financiranje projekta: Funded by the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace, managed by DEVCO directorate, European Commission. EUROPEAID project ref. no. /IfS/2014/339-225

Opis projekta:

Critical Maritime Routes in the Indian Ocean, aims to enhance the maritime security and safety in the wider Indian Ocean region by supporting the coastal countries in the establishment of maritime situational awareness by sharing and fusion of data from various maritime sources such as national and international agencies, the maritime industry, and non-governmental organizations to achieve an understanding of the maritime domain.


Spletna stran projekta: https://www.crimario.eu/en/