This association aims to conduct research into maritime law, to collaborate with the government administration in passing maritime law regulations, to collaborate in international unification of maritime law, to endeavour to bring Slovenian maritime law into comportment with the legal order of the EU, as well as to assist and advise citizens in the field of maritime law.


The Slovenian Society for Transport Science was established in 1996 at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport of the University of Ljubljana. The objective of the Society is to provide a meeting point for researchers and experts in the field of transport. The Society currently has approximately 80 members. Our objective is to increase our membership with graduates from our and related faculties, the traffic, maritime, and transport-logistics economy, and administration, aiming at the formation of a synergic platform for researchers, professionals, and experts in this field. The main activities of the Society are:


  • organization of annual international scientific conferences on transport science – ICTS,
  • organization of conferences, workshops, and summer schools,
  • integration of transport science and practice, primarily in higher education and science and research activities, and
  • cooperation of the Society with similar associations in Europe and worldwide.