The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
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Research Areas


In accordance with the long-term strategy of the University of Ljubljana, which addresses the implementation and promotion of basic, applied and developmental research and the pursuit of excellence and highest quality as well as highest ethical criteria in all scientific disciplines and art, for the sustainable development of individuals and society, the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport pursues the following research objectives:

(i) encouragement of large interdisciplinary research groups with sufficient concentration of human resources, equipment, and financial means for the acquisition and coordination of large international projects, and collaboration in these projects, acknowledging that equal participation in projects produces superior results,

(ii) increase of the number and value of national and international projects and of the number of publications and citations by a quarter,

(iii) prioritising international research activities, and

(iv) increase of the share of foreign researchers and researcher mobility.

Several years ago, the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport was granted an ARRS research programme team: Modelling and Simulations in Traffic and Maritime Engineering

We have modernised and restructured our third-cycle doctoral degree study programme of Maritime and Transport Science, and consolidated our collaboration with the maritime, transport, and logistics industry. Our teachers and researchers are actively participating in projects for the industry and other projects (expert reports, studies, etc.), national and international scientific and professional conferences in maritime and transport studies, authoring textbooks, manuals, and scientific monographs, and publishing research papers in internationally renowned journals. 

In the field of transport technology and transport logistics, our research interests are primarily concerned with technical, technological, and organisational aspects of transport and logistics systems, in particular the planning, use, and management of these systems and their constituent elements, with special emphasis placed on their higher productivity, reliability, safety, and sustainability.

In the field of maritime studies, our research achievements are corroborated by scientific and professional publications, collaboration with related faculties and research institutions, and exchange and transmission of knowledge between the faculty and the maritime industry through numerous projects and studies.