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Laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Automation


The Laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Automation (LEA) has adopted the mission of two former laboratories: the Electrical Engineering Laboratory established after the 1962 relocation of the Maritime Junior College to the present location, and the 1974 Laboratory of Technical Measurements. 


In laboratory tutorials for first- and second-cycle degree study programmes, all students gain hands-on experience in dealing with electricity, communication and navigation electronics as well as automation. Numerous students’ degree theses are based on the results of the work done in LEA (D. Loredan, D. Kocjančič, M. Oblak, S. Prešeren, I. Hrastnik). Cooperation with other institutions within the University of Ljubljana (especially the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy) and abroad (currently, we are actively collaborating with EC-JRC, Ispra), is expected to result in interesting and relevant research results.


LEA STAFF (1997 - )



  • multimeters (Fluke, MI, Agilent), current clamps (Metrel), oscilloscopes (Agilent, Siglent), signal generators (Agilent), meggers (Metrel), stroboscope (Metrel), autotransformers (1f, 3f), 3 phase transformer with rectifier, variable resistors
  • inertial instruments (Xsens), inertially controlled magnetic compass (KVH), receivers GNSS – receive GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo (Ublox, Leica)
  • Coulomb balance (Pasco), Cavendish balance (Pasco), speed of the light meter (Unilab), radioactivity meter (Aware)
  • Salinity meter (Eutech), fish finders (Lowrance), maritime VHF station with DSC, compact thermal camera (Flir)
  • soldering iron: classic (Weller) and hot-air (Aoyue)
  • thyristor power controller (Eurotherm), DC motor-generator, 1 phase motor with auxiliary phase, 3 phase motors: asynchronous with manually frequency-current inverter and PC controllable converter, magnetic brake.
  • Programmable logic controllers (Cybro, Siemens), Red Pitaya, Raspberry-Pi (v1,v3), Arduino (kit 30 sensors), programmable radio receiver N200 (Ettus), RTL-SDR
  • Data acquisition devices: myDAQ myRlo, DAQ-book, LabVIEIV (National Instruments)
  • autopilot (Simrad)
  • DC sources (Agilent) in secondary batteries (12V, 7,2Ah)
  • Permanent exhibition: navigational radar (Kelvin&Hughes), antenna (Furuno)


PROJECTS (2013 - )



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