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Kappra Coffee Talks on Research

KAPPRA – Coffee Talks on Research


… Presentations of experience, projects, guest appearances, conferences... once a month... on Wednesdays... between 12:15 and 12:45 ... in room 204 ... with a discussion over coffee or tea...

22. September 2023 | Kappra No. 38

dr. Vivien Lorenčič, teaching assistant and researcher at The Faculty of Maritime Studies and transport at The University of Ljubljana

05. May 2023 | Kappra No. 37

Jakob Kučinac, a student in 2nd cycle at The University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport


How to achieve team 3rd place at the Pošta Slovenije Hackathon?



10. March 2023 | Kappra No. 36

Danijel Skočaj, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of computer and information science

Generative deep models

07. December 2022 | Kappra No. 35

Marin Hero
Maritime greenhouse gas emissions


Researchers UL FPP

Attending conferences during July - November 2022

09. November 2022 | Kappra No. 34

Aleksander Grm

SmartSea project presentation 

28. September 2022 | Kappra No. 33

Valter Suban, Urban Pegan, Jure Demšar

Izdelava mape občutljivih področij ob izlitju nafte ali naftnih derivatov 

17. August 2022 | Kappra No. 32

Nejc Geržinič (PhD candidate, Smart Public Transport Lab, TU Delft) 17.8.2022 at 12:10, Lecture room 204

Characteristics of decision making in on-call transportation

18. May 2022 | Kappra No. 31

Michael Bažant

Solving transport and logistics problems with students (model 'FERi' Pardubice, Czech Republic)

06. April 2022 | Kappra No. 30

Martin Pečar

Optimizing container transport in ports

09. February 2022 | Kappra No. 29

Blaž Luin and Aleksander Grm

Let’s automate boring stuff with Python

19. January 2022 | Kappra No. 28

Violeta Jurkovič

Routine maritime communication in the Northern Adriatic Sea area

24. November 2021 | Kappra No. 27

Vivien Lorenčič

How to measure port performance?

10. November 2021 | Kappra No. 26

Primož Potočnik

Selected machine learning applications for industrial diagnostics and forecasting in the Laboratory for Synergetics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana

08. September 2021 | Kappra No. 25

Dejan Žagar

Seafarers training biometrics

02. June 2021 | Kappra No. 24

Matej Babič (University of Novo mesto)

GoNM - Hybrid bike rental forecasting system

10. February 2021 | Kappra No. 23

Marko Perkovič, Blaž Luin, Miran Bordon (Slovenian Maritime Administration)

Establishment of the Maritime Traffic and Crisis Management Centre of the Republic of Slovenia

06. January 2021 | Kappra No. 22

Nejc Geržinič

Ride-on-demand potentials

11. December 2019 | Kappra No. 21

Dejan Žagar

Influence of Disturbing Factors on the Workload of the Officer on Watch

27. November 2019 | Kappra No. 20

Jure Srše:

Traditional Sailboat Reconstruction and the Revitalization of the Northern Adriatic Shipbuilding Heritage with Insights from the Conference in Kołobrzeg


30. October 2019 | Kappra No. 19

Vivien Lorenčič:

Assessing the Performance of Maritime Passenger Terminals (100th Anniversary of Naše more)

11. September 2019 | Kappra No. 18

Aleksander Grm:

A Mission to NTNU, Trondheim

13. February 2019 | Kappra No. 17

Nejc Geržinič:

Choice Modeling Application in Traffic

16. January 2019 | Kappra No. 16

Blaž Luin:

Presentation of an article for the Energy journal on a more credible comparison of the efficiencies of electric and classic vehicles

12. September 2018 | Kappra No. 15

Danijela Tuljak-Suban:

VodKO - Guided Cyclists along the Coastal Region [ŠIPK project]

Barbara Knez and Franc Dimc:

Summary of the work done since the kick-off meeting [MUSE project, Interreg]

11. July 2018 | Kappra No. 14

Violeta Jurković:

Slovenian Maritime Terminology, a project presentation [ŠIPK project]

13. June 2018 | Kappra No. 13

Vivien Lorenčič:

Presentation of the Microsimulation Model of Traffic Flow and Passenger Behavior at the Passenger Terminal of the Port of Koper

16. May 2018 | Kappra No. 12

Marko Perkovič, Blaž Luin, Alan Kalin, Dejan, Žagar, Matej Bažec and Franc Dimc:  

News and important insights of the last month from several missions (Panama, Scotland, Croatia)

18. April 2018 | Kappra No. 11

Alan Mahne Kalin and Dejan Žagar:

Presentation of tests of the sailboat model in the Piran Bay and plans for the installation of sensors to determine the sailboat breaching limit

13. March 2018 | Kappra No. 10

Round table (moderator Marko Perkovič):

Which big data analyses with artificial intelligence procedures are of interest to us at UL FPP? (experience with a large amount of data from the Port of Koper)

03. January 2018 | Kappra No. 08

Marko Perkovič:

Insights from the work on port regulation activities and maritime practice in Slovenia

03. January 2018 | Kappra No. 09

Valter Suban:

Opinion on maritime information systems in Slovenia, included in the CISE project report (including the inflow of goods into and outflow of goods from the Port of Koper)

29. November 2017 | Kappra No. 07

Matej Bažec and Franc Dimc:

Bringing out of some interesting facts about the Laboratory for Electrical Engineering and Automation (interference measurements within the GNSS frequency spectrum, the effects of space weather on the Earth's magnetic field)

18. October 2017 | Kappra No. 06

Matej Bažec and Franc Dimc:

Presentation of the results of measurements related to the security of GNSS operation in recent times 

20. September 2017 | Kappra No. 05

Blaž Luin:

Experience with writing, editing, and submitting the article Modeling the Impact of Road Network Configuration on Vehicle Energy Consumption to the renowned transport journal Energy 

28. June 2017 | Kappra No. 04

Marina Zanne:
Experience from staff exchange in Belgrade and from recent meetings

10. May 2017 | Kappra No. 03

Marko Pavliha (vice dean for research and development):

Status and plans regarding FPP cooperation with Shanghai Maritime University

05. April 2017 | Kappra No. 02

Evelin Krmac:

Summary of the meeting on SRIP - Smart Cities and Communities (PMiS)

08. March 2017 | Kappra No. 01

Franc Dimc:

Presentation of the concept of our regular informal meetings - Coffee Talks on Research - KAPPRA