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How to achieve team 3rd place at the Pošta Slovenije Hackathon?


Jakob Kučinac


5. 5. 2023 at 12:10 in lecture room 204




The main theme of the Pošta Slovenije hackathon competition TRANSFORMATION OF THE POST OFFICE TOWARDS SOCIETY 5.0 was to find solutions for distribution in urban centers and rural areas. The teams were multidisciplinary and consisted of two postal employees, a program and computer science student and a logistics expert, who was our second cycle student Jakob Kučinac. In the beginning, he played the role of the "negative" by doubting his colleagues' ideas and explaining why they were not realistic, and asking a team member from the Post what specifically bothered them about their work. In this way, they slowly came to the conclusion that the biggest problem was the inability to predict and thus plan. And proposed a solution along these lines.