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Kappra Coffee Talks on Research

K - 24

GoNM - Hybrid bike rental forecasting system

Matej Babič (University of Novo mesto)


02.06.2021 at 12:15, Lecture room 24



The current transport system faces problems such as congestion, environmental impacts, lack of parking spaces, increased safety risks, and high energy consumption. As a result, public passenger transport (PPT) is important for every municipality. GONM is an automatic bicycle rental system in the Municipality of Novo mesto. The system makes it easy to rent and ride bikes, which are currently available at fifteen stations. To rent a bike you need to have the appropriate card and be a registered user. With the card, you can pick up the bike at one of the stations and return at the same or another station. A method of hybrid machine learning for modelling bicycle rental in Novo mesto will be presented using convolutional neural networks and genetic programming.