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Kappra Coffee Talks on Research

K - 23

Establishment of the Maritime Traffic and Crisis Management Centre of the Republic of Slovenia

Marko Perkovič, Blaž Luin, Miran Bordon (Slovenian Maritime Administration)


10.02.2021 at 12:15, Lecture room 204



As part of the project on maritime traffic and crisis management and in cooperation with the Grammar, Electrical Engineering and Maritime School, a brand new room above the engineering workshop was acquired and provided with SAR and VTS centre equipment. It has 16 workstations for the training of operators and students. It can act as back-up for the maritime traffic and crisis management centre in Koper but is also dedicated to research as it is equipped with powerful workstations and a server for storing large amounts of data on traffic, maritime communication, meteorological and oceanographic measurements, and radar images of the sea surface from satellites equipped with SAR.