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Marine Engineering

Naval Vessel's Combat Systems


Introduction to Naval ships combat systems. Historical development of Naval combat systems. Explanation of the naval systems: general and combat. Naval vessels. Historical development and tendencies. Tactical-technical characteristics and use: aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, frigates, corvettes, MCM vessels, patrol boats and other Naval vessels, multi-purpose amphibious and support vessels, submarines, security guard teams on merchant ships, weapons, sensors, guns, platforms, C4I systems, electronic reconnaissance, jamming, deception and warfare systems, Navy divers (special, MCM and technical divers, underwater sensors. Aviation in support to naval operations. Slovenian Navy. Presentation of the organization and functioning of NATO and the defense structures of the EU.


Guided tours of foreign Naval ships visiting the port of Koper.


Goals and competencies

The basic objective of is to provide students with basic knowledge about the Naval combat systems. In doing so, they acquire knowledge of the principles of operations, types of Naval ships and vessels, the basics of the combat systems that are equipped with and learn about the support operation of naval air forces. Special emphasis is placed on armaments of naval warships operating in the Adriatic Sea area. Understanding the functioning of naval forces is also an excellent basis for understanding the contents of the "Naval Tactical Navigation" subject.

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