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Nautical Studies

Naval Tactical Navigation


Introduction. Milestones in the development of naval military tactics and the development trend. The influence of strategic and operational conditions on tactics. Elements of combat power at sea. Use of the Navy Force: role, tasks, principles, basic organization. Forms of combat activities at sea. Maritime operations in general - planning, organizing forces, operational forces development, command and control, joint operation, implementation. Basic principles of using naval vessels. The basic principles of combat operations of aviation in support of naval forces.


Naval Tactical navigation:

  • Naval tactical navigation methods. Relative method.
  • Rules of Naval tactical navigation.
  • Determination of the movement parameters of other vessels.
  • Hunting course, hunting speed.
  • Practical use of logarithmic scale and maneuvering diagrams.
  • Search theory, search methods.
  • Changing of the entry position.
  • Inspecting a certain position.
  • Vector solving tasks of tactical navigation:
  • rendezvous with a given speed,
  • rendezvous with minimum speed,
  • rendezvous with a given course,
  • rendezvous at a given time,
  • approaching the ship at a higher speed at the smallest distance,
  • rendezvous the ship at the furthest distance,
  • passage from the bow at the maximum distance,
  • change of position at a given speed,
  • change of the position with the lowest speed,
  • changing the position at a given time,
  • determination the course and speed of another ship,
  • circle of the rendezvous,
  • avoiding a collision at sea,
  • determination of true winds.

Goals and competencies

To get knowledge of basic concepts, principles, organization of Naval tactical navigation of our own and allied military naval forces, and training for the correct assessment of the tactical situation and the application of the principles of the activities of the naval units of the Slovenian Navy at sea.

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