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Nautical Studies

Selected Chapters of Physics and Mathematics II


  • Kinematics
  • Point dynamics
  • Dynamics of the points system
  • Basics of statics
  • Solid body dynamics
  • Basics of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics
  • Oscillation basics


Matlab application is displayed for each theme.


Goals and competencies

The purpose of the course is to provide the basics of mechanics and mathematical methods used in mechanics. The aim of the course is to develop new skills in problem solving and critical thinking in the student, thus preparing it for further study of study program subjects. Part of the exercises is carried out on computers with the Matlab program.


Special features: Implementation of learning content in accordance with the STCW Convention A-III/1, A-III/2, A-III/3 and IMO model course 7.01, 7.02, 7.03 and 7.04.

Basic literature

  1. Gross et.all, Engineering Mechanics, Dynamics, 2014
  2. R.C.Hibbeler, Fluid Mechanics, Pearson, 2015