The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
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Nautical Studies

Maritime Transportation System


•    conceptual delineations of transport, transport and maritime affairs,
•    System analysis of the transport system and its subsystems: maritime, railway, road, air, pipeline and other forms of transport,
•    interconnection of transport industries, which aims to organize a fast, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transport,
•    maritime subsystem and its characteristics,
•    transport technologies in maritime,
•    handling equipment in ports and terminals,
•    procedures on the arrival of the ship to the port,
•    exploitation of ports and terminals,
•    trends in the development of ports and terminals.


Goals and competencies

The course program is to learn about the basic characteristics of marine transport systems. The aim of the course is to understand and understand the basic characteristics and principles of the functioning of maritime systems, and especially the port system. They become acquainted with the work of the maritime agent and other actors involved in the arrival of the ship to the port.
Students get acquainted with basic definitions and conditions for the construction and operation of ports and terminals.

Basic literature

1.    Twrdy E.: Transportni sistemi, skripta predavanj, Fakulteta za pomorstvo in promet, Portorož