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Nautical Studies

Ro-Ro and Passenger Ships


Construction and operating restrictions, procedures for opening, closing and securing hull openings, legislation (codes and agreements concerning RO-RO passenger ships), requirements and constraints with regard to the stability and load of the ship, procedures for the maintenance of special equipment at the RO -RO passenger ships, manuals and computers for loading, unloading and securing cargo, hazardous cargo areas.


Content according to IMO Model course 1.28 and 1.29

Crowd management training, familiarization training, Safety training for crew on passenger ships, Passenger safety, cargo safety and hull integrity; Dangerous goods, Stability, trim and stress calculations; Hull openings, RORO deck atmosphere:

  • Equipment to monitor the atmosphere in ro-ro cargo spaces
  • Procedures for ventilation of ro-ro cargo spaces


Crisis Management and Human Behaviour Training; Optimisation of resources; Control response to emergencies; Human behaviour and responses; Establish and maintain effective communications.


Goals and competencies

The objective of the course is to train students for work on RO-RO and passenger ships. Due to the catastrophic consequences of accidents on ferries and cruise ships, the International Maritime Organization and some countries require special training of personnel on these ships. The subject is intended for future seafarers who intend to sail on these ships.


Special features:

Implementation of the learning content among others include requirements in accordance with IMO Model course 1.28 and IMO Model course 1.29.

Basic literature

Delyan Mihaylov Todorov ; Edition, illustrated ; Publisher, Schiffer Publishing, Limited, 2016 ; ISBN, 0764351230, 9780764351235 ;