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Nautical Studies

Ship Propulsion and Manoeuvrability


  • The theory of ship resistance, resistance of displacement ships and high-speed vessels, pressure resistance.
  • Friction resistance, pressure resistance, viscous resistance, residuary resistance, wave resistance, air resistance. Squat and bank effect.
  • Various Methods Used for Evaluating Ship's Resistance; experimental models, Froude method, proxies forms of hulls.
  • Basic principles of ship propulsion.
  • Ship propellers and other propulsors, cavitation.
  • Ship propulsion components.
  • Different Types of Marine Propulsion Systems Used in the Shipping.
  • Rudders.
  • Propeller-hull interaction.
  • Seaworthy of ship.
  • Guidelines for Sea Trials of Motor Vessels - Rules and standards.

Goals and competencies

Learning contents address the basics of ship's resistance, the influence in resistance according to the type of displacement, the speed, the shape of the hull and the area of ​​navigation. Particularly addresses the resistance and seaworthiness of the ship in difficult weather conditions. In the following, students acquire knowledge from shipwreck theory, the type of propulsors, and the function of the ship's rudder. The interaction of the hull, propulsor and rudder is ultimately addressed in the scope of the various propulsion systems. The learning content ends with the theoretical exam and simulator handling of handover tests.

Special features:

Implementation of the learning content among others include requirements in accordance with the provisions of the STCW Convention A-II / 1, A-II/2  and the recommendations of the »Master and Chief Mate (Model course 7.01)« International Maritime Organization, London, 2014.

Basic literature

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