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Nautical Studies

Computer and Information Science (N)


Core content includes: knowledge of modern ICT (Information Communication Technology), computer systems, business information systems and databases, data transfer methods and types of computer networks, systems of electronic data exchange, the basic concepts and forms of e-commerce applications used in modern enterprises, expert systems and information technologies in transport, traffic and (transport) logistics, basic programming in Matlab and SQL.

Students will learn to manage spreadsheets in advanced manner and produce a variety of graphical presentations of data, implement a query over the data in a relational database, solve different simple problems with use of procedural programming language Matlab.

Content according to IMO Model course 7.01:

  • Range of information available through fax transmission, internet and email,
  • Nautical publications on tides and currents and information which can be obtained via internet and email,
  • Use of automatic data-based (ADB) equipment.

Goals and competencies

Students should be able to define the basic features, operations, methods, and examples of various information and communication technology tools and systems, with a focus on transport, traffic and logistics activities.

They should also be able to resolve simple problems with use of procedural and query programming language.

Basic literature

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  7. dodatna literatura (v knjižni obliki ali dosegljiva preko svetovnega spleta)/additional literature (books or web).