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Transport Technology and Logistics

Engineering Drawing


  • introduction: engineering, technology and drawing tools,
  • geometrical modelling in engineering,
  • standards: classification and markings of standards on products,
  • types of technical and technological documentation,
  • descriptive geometry basics: drawing line segments and angles, primitives, views, point, line, plane, real length of segment and primitive, cross sections,
  • basics of computer aided drawing,
  • drawing projections: orthogonal, axonometric, perspective,
  • engineering drawing: guidelines for mechanical, civil, electrical and traffic engineering. Symbolic drawing,
  • simplified and schematic drawing of machinery  parts, symbolic presentation of installations,
  • dimensioning,
  • surface marking,
  • tolerances and fits,
  • use of CAD tools for drawing and design.

Goals and competencies

Familiarization with basics of technical drawing and understanding of technical documentation. Basic drawing. Symbolic drawings in energetics, mechanical engineering and electrical schematics.

Types of technical documentation. Tolerance signing. Technical documentation standards (national and ISO), importance of technical regulations, standards accreditations for certification, evaluation and intellectual property protection etc.

Basic literature

Osnovna literatura/Basic literature:

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