The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
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Transport Technology and Logistics

Transport System


  • Fundamentals of systems theory,
  • Structure of the transport system,
  • Characteristics of each transport sub-system (road, rail, sea, air, inland waterway),
  • Procedure of preparing goods for transport (packing, packaging, storage), distribution of goods,
  • Basics of integrated transport (palletizing, containerization),
  • Modern modes of transport (multimodal, intermodal transport),
  • Role of terminals,
  • Importance of logistics in supply chains,
  • Development of the transport system.

Goals and competencies

The course represents the basis for further studies of transport technology. Students will gain basic knowledge and understanding to be able to actively seek solutions in solving the basic problems of transport.

Basic literature

  1. Elen Twrdy: Transportni sistemi,


  1. R. Konings, H. Priemus, P. Nijkamp: The future of intermodal freight transport, 2008
  2. E. Cascetta: Transportation systems analysis (1 Chapter), 2009