The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
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Transport Technology and Logistics

Traffic Related Mechanics


  1. Kinematics: point kinematics, rigid body kinematics
  2. Statics: force, torque, rigid body balance in a plane, friction, simple mechanical devices (5 hours)
  3. Dynamics: point dynamics, system of points dynamics, rigid body dynamics, impulse-originated movement and collisions, mechanical oscillations.

Goals and competencies

Objective of the course is to introduce students to basic knowledge in the fields of statics, kinematics and dynamics and their applications in the field of transportation.


Course-specific competences provide students understanding of mechanical and compatible processes that take place in transport, traffic and logistic processes.

Basic literature

  1.   M.Muršič - Statika, SDM, Ljubljana
  2.   M.Muršič - Kinematika, SDM, Ljubljana
  3.   M.Muršič - Dinamika, SDM, Ljubljana