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Transport Technology and Logistics

Hazardous Chemicals in Transportation


  1. Basic chemical principles and laws: chemical thermodinamics and kinetics, transition of phases, catalysis, fundametrals of electrochemistry and corrosion, radioactivity
  2. Hazardous chemicals: combustion, explosion, fuels and flammable chemicals, oxidizing agents, toxic chemicals , toxicity, compressed gasses, radioactive chemicals, corrosive chemicals
  3. Transport and stowage of chemicals: safety aspects, transportation, storage
  4. Impact on the environment: sources and impact of various chemicals on the environment, monitoring and protection, legislation and auditing

Goals and competencies

In this course, students are informed about basic properties of hazardous chemicals used in transportation. Objectives and competences consist of basic chemical principles and properties of hazardous chemicals generally used in transportation.

Basic literature

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