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Transport Technology and Logistics

Traffic Safety


The basics of traffic safety.

Technical, technological, organizational, economic, legal, cultural, sociological and other assumptions of traffic safety. The concept of threat, risk and reliability of transport systems.


Safety in road traffic

Elements and characteristics of road safety. Traffic accidents and analysis of traffic accidents. The threat to road users and risk analysis.


Elements and characteristics of safety in rail traffic. Problem of railway accidents. Elements and characteristics of air safety. The problem of air accidents.


Safety at sea

Elements and characteristics of maritime safety. Analysis of maritime accidents and their impact on the level of security in the industry. Threat Assessment in ports and maritime transport risk analysis in ports.


Transportation security

Regulatory protection in transport. Protection and safety in maritime ports and harbours, airports, bus and railway stations, distribution centres, etc.


Ergonomic rules of traffic safety

The essence and development of ergonomics point of view of traffic. Ergonomics legality of the man-machine system in individual modes of transport.


Goals and competencies

The aim of the course is to acquire knowledge about the basic elements that affect safety and methods to increase the level of safety in transport.

Subject-specific competencies in the subject matter relating to the acquisition of technical, technological, organizational, legal, sociological and other knowledge in the field of safety in road, rail, air and maritime transport.

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