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Transport Technology and Logistics

Management and Leadership


  • basic definitions of corporate governance and governance
  • procedures for the appointment of administrative and management bodies of enterprises
  • management process and its functions for successful management of the company;
  • the importance of setting goals, solving problems and conflict situations;
  • methods of motivating and inspire employees to achieve common goals of the company;
  • the importance of the leader's self-analysis as a guide for successful group leadership;
  • the importance of time use and the personal organization of the leader as an example and motivation for subordinates to achieve efficiency;
  • the impact of human resource management on strengthening the company's culture;
  • the process of selecting and developing key personnel in the construction of a leading team;
  • manager as a creator of good relations between employees with an emphasis on the specifics of transport companies;
  • basics of emotional intelligence and influence on group relationships
  • managing emotions in communication and persuasion;
  • elements of successful business and personal communication in the company;
  • the importance of good preparation and conduct of decision-making meetings;

Goals and competencies

The subject represents a systematic coverage of the theory and practice of managing and managing in a business environment. It focuses on the basic roles, skills and functions of leadership and management, with special emphasis on managerial responsibility for the effective achievement of set goals. Special attention is paid to accountability and managerial ethics.


Upon completion of the course, students are expected to:

• understand the basic concepts and principles of leadership and management, including basic styles, skills and leadership / management functions;

• Being acquainted with the interactions between the environment, technology, human resources, multiculturalism and organizational skills to achieve efficiency;

• aware of moral and ethical dilemmas and social responsibility of managers in corporate governance;

Basic literature

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  2. Renata Mihalič: Management človeškega kapitala, 2006
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