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Transport Technology and Logistics

Internal Transport and Warehousing


1. Introductory and substantive definitions: definitions and conceptual delineations, content and development of internal transport and storage.

2. Technological specificities of internal transport and storage: interconnection of internal transport and storage with production and logistic activity, internal transport and storage technology with continuous and interrupted operation, quality of internal transport and storage services, type of manipulated substrate and specificities of technological requirements of individual transport sectors.

3. Warehouses: the role of warehouses in overcoming time, the type of stocks from the point of view, the type of goods, the required factors of quality of storage, the degree of automation,

the organization and operation of warehouses approaches planning new and modernization of existing warehouses, the role of IT in warehousing operations, the role of internal transport in production logistics, the type of rack warehouses, the standardization of operations in warehouses

4. Technology of working in warehouses: the specificities of technological procedures for storing a kosher, dissolute, cooled, perishable, liquid, gaseous, dangerous, palletized and

containerized goods.

5. Legal, organizational, health and safety requirements for work in warehouses.


Goals and competencies

The objective of the course is to acquire and master knowledge about technical and technological characteristics of transport means of internal transport, equipment and technology of warehouses, taking into account the quality of services, safety at work, environmental care and cost management. The acquired competences are: the ability to plan and manage internal transport and storage, including the design and procurement of new technologies.   

Basic literature

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