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Transport Technology and Logistics

Diploma Project


Lectures (5 hours)

Lecturer (mentor) of the diploma project lectures about diploma writing process such as problem identification, subject choice, goals, methods, carrying out of research methods, references and specific subject-related approaches.

Pedagogically guided student, supervised by the mentor, independently works on diploma project. The project that is handed in for mentor evaluation must include:

1. Introduction: problem definition, goals and methods

2. Theory: systematic findings about the subject extracted from the  reference literature

3. Analytical-syntactical section: establishment of the circumstances, analysis of the circumstances and synthesis of findings with suggestions

4. Conclusions


Goals and competencies

The student shall acquire knowledge and ability to define problem independently, to define goals and research methods and carry out chosen theoretical and practical work on the subject.

The student should be qualified to compare principles, laws and models on a case study with state of the art and to explain and evaluate them.

Basic literature

  • Vsa razpoložljiva znanstveno-strokovna literatura iz predmetnega dela diplomskega projekta.
  • All the available related scientific and other state of the art literature.