The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
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Traffic Technology and Logistics

The Business of Shipping Companies


    • Maritime transport market
    • Shipping company
    • The most important economic categories in the operation of shipping companies
    • Shipping company’s legal framework
    • Purchase of a ship
    • Financing methods of a ship acquisition Registration of a ship
    • Depreciation of the ship
    • Ship and liability insurance
    • Ship's crew
    • Maintenance and repair of the ship
    • Exploitation of the ship
    • Execution of the voyage
    • The environmental aspect of sea transport


IMO Model course 7.01:

Procedures for receiving and delivering cargo


Goals and competencies

Subject-specific competencies objectives relate to knowledge and understanding of the economic and financial aspect of the operation of shipping companies from the very beginning and the establishment of the company through the selection of the ship, register and the crew up to the  exploitation of the ship and the impact of external requirements on the company’s performance.

Basic literature

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