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Traffic Technology and Logistics

Organization in Traffic


Definition of the scientific theory of organization and basic concepts of the organization. The concept of an organization as a regulated group with a defined structure and processes that enable its operation.

Impact of the socioeconomic system, technical and technological progress and forms of ownership on the management, management and organization of enterprises. Definition of organizational functions in enterprises and organizational structures and their influence on internal communication, definition of cost centers, organizational structure and jobs.

The classical theory of organization and more modern approaches to the theory of organization and organization of companies. Organization of the company as a set of relationships between people and essential organization of the organization. The original relationships in the organization and the impact on work processes

Basic functions in logistics companies, their organization, conflict sites. The importance of organizational skills for the success of a company's management. The importance of vision, mission and goals to the organizational structure.

Descriptions of jobs and responsibilities in planning work, time, and available resources.

The importance of the organization in managing costs.

Methods of researching work in traffic.

Project Management in Business Decision Making. 


Goals and competencies

Students will learn and understand the basic principles of organization theory with an emphasis on the characteristics of the organization of logistics companies. They will learn about the impact of changes in society on the organizational structure and the importance of organizational skills for successful cost management and thus successful management of the company.

Basic literature

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