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Traffic Technology and Logistics

Intelligent Transportation Systems and Services


Basic elements of ITS systems and services: main role, terminology, advantages, standardization, overview of ITS systems (types, contents, international initiatives).

ITS architectures (unified system architectures for planning, design and integration): FRAME and KAREN architectures, user services, national ITS architectures.

ITS enabling technologies: sensors and devices, communications, data storage and processing, database management systems, information displays, location systems, IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud Computing, Big Data.

Selected ITS systems and services: Intelligent highways; intelligent vehicle systems; travel information and guidance; traffic, incident and demand management; freight and fleet management; traffic/transportation management system; public transport management; law enforcement; emergency services.

ITS solutions in road, rail, maritime, air transport and logistics.

ITS for a safer and sustainable transport system.

Networks for data exchange between vehicles and other communication systems: Point-to-point communication, long-distance wireless communication (V2V, V2I, V2V2I), cognitive radio.

Autonomous vehicles: principles of their operation, IoV (Internet of Vehicles).


Goals and competencies

Knowledge and Understanding:

A student must learn in depth the content from the theory of ITS systems and services and important ITS systems, especially related to road and rail transport and logistics, as so-called declarative knowledge.

A student must understand in depth the structure and operation of ITS systems and the comparative advantages that their use realizes in practice from the standpoints of safety, rationalization of traffic flows, and environmental acceptability. They must know the way of communication between vehicles and infrastructure and all the necessary elements for the success of this communication.

Basic literature

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