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Traffic Technology and Transport Logistics

Supply Chain Management


  • detailed analysis of logistics subsystems,
  • definition of supply chains and their management,
  • flows taking place in supply chains,
  • types of supply chains,
  • supply chain strategies,
  • risk management in the supply chain with an emphasis on "The Bullwhip Effect"
  • management of relationships in the supply chain,
  • the impact of ICT on supply chains,
  • stock management in the supply chains,
  • supply Chain Performance Factors (slender, agile, leaking supply chain),
  • tools to ensure a successful supply chain,
  • sustainable supply chains,
  • planning supply chains.

Goals and competencies

Students get familiar with the general facts about the logistics and supply chain.

With the help of acquired knowledge, students are able to organize and optimize individual segments of the supply chain.

Basic literature

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