The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
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Traffic Technology and Transport Logistics

Intermodal Transport


  • Definition of intermodal transport
  • Institutional aspects of intermodal transport
  • Segments and actors in intermodal transport
  • Production of intermodal services
  • Intermodal transport networks and infrastructure
  • Technology in intermodal transport (cargo units, transhipment technology, information and communication technology)
  • Quality factors and the economic aspect of intermodal transport
  • The impact of transport policy on the development of intermodal transport

Goals and competencies

Course-specific competences relate to the knowledge of the basic characteristics and factors of intermodal transport:

  • Intermodal transport system development factors
  • Technological aspects of the production of intermodal transport services
  • Elements of intermodal transport infrastructure
  • Quality and cost of intermodal transport

Basic literature

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