The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
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Traffic Technology and Transport Logistics

Human Resources Management in Transport


  • Human resources as an objective phenomenon and as a scientific discipline
  • Human needs and abilities:
    • the theory of human needs, the development of needs and abilities, theories of human personality,
    • psychophysical factors of the abilities and methods of controlling psychophysical stress in the work process with emphasis on traffic.
  • Ethics: values, the generic essence of man, alienation, the importance of ethics in the business process.
  • Recruitment: personnel function, management mix, manager code, position chart
  • Communication: non-verbal communication, verbal communication, traffic communication specifics in particular in terms of traffic safety
  • Leadership: leadership functions, social power, leadership styles and organization of work, traffic management specifics
  • Leading innovation processes: the stages of the innovation process and the role of leadership in it, team work and team thinking techniques, resistance to leadership by managers and managers, specifics of managing innovation processes in transport
  • Conflicts, intrigues and negotiations: conflicts, conflicts, intrigues and their resolutions, types of negotiations (in terms of goals, tactics and negotiation style), models of negotiations, special features of the creation and regulation of conflicts and conflicts in transport.

Goals and competencies

  • A student studying the subject: realizes the basic psycho-physical properties of people that are important for their management in the work process,
  • be trained to regulate one's own human resources (abilities, knowledge and motivations) and to influence the behaviour of other people in the work. process in accordance with the principles of ethics and business goals of the organization,
  • is trained to influence human resources in specific traffic conditions, in particular in terms of ensuring safety.

Basic literature

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