The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
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Traffic Technology and Transport Logistics

Professional English (ESP) 2


Students deal with contents from the fields of study related to traffic technology and transport logistics, and focus on the specific vocabulary, pay attention to grammar and try to write their own summaries. They practice problem-based learning and prepare an Oral Presentation (OP) of a topic of their choice.

They learn how to use English mono- and bilingual web resources, how to write business letters and other business documents, how to write summaries, and how to recognize different types of texts. They get used to work by themselves, in pairs and in groups.

The emphasis is on functional characteristics of traditional and electronic business correspondence, and on specific features of business telephone calls dealing with topics from traffic technology and transport logistics.

Students also revise grammatical structures that are needed for efficient oral and written English professional communication in the fields of traffic technology and transport logistics.

They get to know learning strategies for lifelong learning and practice critical thinking.


Goals and competencies

Students are trained for receptive comprehension (reading, listening) and productive usage (speaking, writing) of different topics in English, that are related with traffic technology and transport logistics. At the same time, they get to know some problematic issues regarding the corresponding technical vocabulary. They learn to study by means of English web resources (professional journals and transport companywebsites) and tools, like online translators, dictionaries and glossaries. They also start developing learning strategies for lifelong learning and practice critical thinking.

Basic literature

  1. Izbor aktualnih gradiv iz spletnih virov / Selection of current materials from web resources – dostopno v digitalnem zvezku OneNote za SANG 2 / available in OneNote digital notebook for SANG 2
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