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Traffic Technology and Transport Logistics

Environmental Protection in Traffic


Principles of ecology: beginning and development of life, ecosystem, food web, biogeochemical cycling of elements

The anthropogenic impact on natural environment: xenobiotics in environment, assessment of the impact of pollution.

Pollution and protection of environment: air pollution, pollution of natural waters, noise, light pollution, thermal pollution, waste and waste waters treatment.

Reduction of traffic pollution, emission standards, catalysts, alternative fuels, alternative engines.

Legal and economical aspects of the environmental protection.


Goals and competencies

The goal of this subject is to give student knowledge about the basic principles in the natural environment, principles of ecology, sources and consequences of environmental pollution, with an emphasis on pollution by traffic. New methods of measurements in the environment and analyses of results will be also presented to students. In this way, student will be able to understand problems of environmental pollution and analyses of the results of measurements on the ground level. Student will be able to use this knowledge for planning transportation and solving connected problems.

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