The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
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Traffic Technology and Transport Logistics

Traffic and Space


  • The concept and subject of the study of transport geography and its place in the transport system
  • Natural-geographical conditions and their impact on traffic.
  • Traffic and spatial structure (history, basic concept, factors of choice of location, interaction between space and transport system, different models of transport and land use, traffic and economic development)
  • The basis of location theory (global, regional and local spatial models),
  • Basics of transport networks (concept of type, spatial dimension, connectivity and accessibility, basic indicators of network development),
  • Transport and urban structure (basic types, land use and travel patterns, planning process, etc.)
  • GIS basics (concept, tools, spatial databases, application, analyses, etc.)

Goals and competencies

The objective of the course is to acquire knowledge about the interdependence and interdependence of spatial systems and traffic, with special emphasis on the use of modern GIS technologies.

Basic literature

  1. Stanko Pelc (2010) Izbrana poglavja iz prometne geografije, Učbenik
  2. Jean Paul Rodrige, The geography of transport systems,
  3. Geographic Information Systems for Transportation: Principles and Applications, by Miller H.J. and Shaw S.‐L., Oxford University Press, 2001