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Traffic Technology and Transport Logistics

Urban Transportation Systems


  • Definition and types of cities, sustainable urban development,
  • Urban mobility issues,
  • Urban transport systems (types, characteristics, functioning, etc.),
  • Non-motorised transport (walking, bicycles),
  • Motorised transport (different forms - private, flexible, stationary),
  • Public passenger transport (different forms, characteristics, problems, capacity, organisation),
  • Other systems (modern autonomous systems, water passenger transport, cable cars, etc.),
  • Integrated transport points,
  • Modern trends in urban transport management.

Goals and competencies

The purpose of the course is to acquaint students with basic knowledge in the field of urban trasport.

Basic literature

  1. Dienel, H-L.: Public Transport and Its Users: The Passenger's Perspective in Planning and Customer Care, 2016
  2. Sever D., Toplak S, Tehnologija in organizacija javnega potniškega cestnega prometa, UM FG, 2014,
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