The Faculty of Maritime Studies and TransportThe Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
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Maritime Studies

Methodology of Planning Maritime And Transport Systems


  1. Methodology of scientific research work, preparation of articles, seminars, reports.
  2. Introduction to system theory
  3. Maritime and transport systems theory
  4. Planning and preparing a transport strategy
  5. Methods used in planning and preparation of the strategy
  6. Planning transport systems
  7. Methods of evaluation and prioritization
  8. Maritime and transport systems in the future

Goals and competencies

Students learn about the scientific methods that they need in their research work. They understand the processes of designing transport systems and the methods used to produce traffic strategies, studies, analyzes. With the acquired knowledge, they can participate in the preparation of analyzes of the state, development programs and expert bases necessary for the planning of investments in the transport system.

Basic literature

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  • Teodorović D., Janić M.: Transportion Engineering, theory, practice, modeling, Elsevier, 2017
  • Meyer M.D., Transportation planning handbook, fourth edition, Wiley 2016