The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
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Exploitation of Technical Means In Transport


Definition of the field of exploitation in transport.

Definition of factors that influence the characteristics and development of modern exploitation of transport means of individual transport industries and manipulation devices.

Approaches to choosing the optimal characteristics of means of transport in individual, public passenger and freight transport.

Advanced systems for the control and management of individual means of transport and groups of means of transport.

Design and optimization of the utilization of technical and technological characteristics of transport means in transport logistics processes.

Analysis of the efficiency of the exploitation of the group of means of transport (analysis of the work of the fleet).

Maintenance of means of transport - definition, types and optimization.

Approaches to choosing the optimal features of manipulating devices and managing them.

Development of transport and manipulation assets (new technical and technological concepts) and impact on exploitation in the transport of passengers and cargo.


Goals and competencies

Subject specific competences of the subject relate to the knowledge of the basic characteristics of the exploitation of transport and manipulation means:

  • in land (road, rail), water (maritime, river) and air transport,
  • in freight and passenger transport,
  • for effective management of them.
  • when planning maintenance.

From this they derive their competence for independent planning of exploitation and selection of transport routes, transport of dangerous and special cargo, number of driving units and program of maintenance of transport and manipulation assets.

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