The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
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Strategy of Management in Transport and Logistics


Strategy for managing the transport system (city, state, global environment of the EU).

The role and importance of stakeholders and the characteristics of the management of an individual transport system (air, road, rail, maritime transport system).

Definition of strategies and types of management and governance strategies.

Strategic concept of managing and managing through different company development cycles:

- Life cycle theory, development and growth of the company

Strategic analysis of the state of the company and the business environment in which it operates.

Strategic risk management in a company:

- internal factors: costs, staff, national environment

- external factors: suppliers, customers, international environment

Crisis management and conditions for successful company rehabilitation. Methods of complex strategic change management. The importance of modern technologies in system management and management of the company and the transport system.

The strategy of introducing quality into the operations of individual logistic chains.

ISO business quality standards and their importance for successful business operations in a global environment. SQAS system for the transport of dangerous goods. Quality standards in the automotive industry.


Goals and competencies

The purpose of the course is theoretical and practical upgrading of knowledge about management and management in the business and social environment. The acquired knowledge enables students to directly assist in taking on managerial responsibilities in various companies. Specific subject competencies enable students to solve complex problems in business environments based on a system approach and adherence to new and already established strategies.

Basic literature

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