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Transport and Maritime Sciences

Fuzzy Systems in Transportation


  • History of transportation,
  • Transportation sector and transportation modes,
  • Characteristics of transport modes and their systems.
  • Transportation systems issues: planning, control, congestion, safety, and environment protection.
  • Basics of traffic flow theory.
  • Basics of capacity and level of service.
  • Elements of traffic control.
  • Public transportation systems.
  • Transportation demand analysis techniques.
  • Freight transportation and logistics problems.
  • Basics of Computational intelligence.
  • Computational intelligence techniques applications in transportation.
  • The concept of fuzzy sets.
  • The fuzzy sets basics.
  • Basic elements of fuzzy systems.
  • Fuzzy systems in transportation.
  • Artificial neural networks.
  • Artificial neural networks applications in transportation.
  • Evolutionary computation.
  • Swarm intelligence.

Goals and competencies

Introducing the Soft computing techniques to students.

Basic literature

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