The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
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Transport and Maritime Sciences

Systems and Processes in Pipelines


  • Pipeline transport in view of achieving excellence in operation
  • Transients in pipelines with liquid or gas
  • Ensuring quality of pipeline transport
  • The integrity of pipeline system
  • Management of pipeline system
  • Problems with pipes and support
  • Vibration due to movement in the pipeline system
  • The flow of compressible fluid and transient flows
  • Simulation and optimization of pipeline systems
  • Determination of life and the remaining lifetime respectively.
  • Multiphase flow and the flow through porous media
  • Reliability, availability and risks of pipeline systems
  • Methods to optimize maintenance
  • Safety of pipeline systems

Goals and competencies

The aim is to learn about all the important aspects of pipeline transport, such as design, analysis of spatial placement, maintenance and management, control and testing, and the safety of pipeline systems for different purposes. The programme gives the subject the in-depth review of all relevant aspects such as the analysis, installation, maintenance and management of pipeline systems for different purposes.

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