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Transport and Maritime Sciences

Risk Assessment in Maritime and Transport Systems


The subject investigate in-depth theoretical basis of risk assessment, with focus on the maritime and transport systems. Risk analysis bases on assessing the likelihood of accidents, modelling physical consequences, structural and environmental damage. Determination of the risk criteria in the transport system, depending on the effects of the transport system and the social and societal criteria. The effects of measures to reduce risk, systemic and structural solutions, security and intervention, evacuation and alert methods for the elimination of consequences. Using risk assessment approaches, HAZOP, HAZID, manufactures and improvements of tree events and failures as well as hybrid models for risk evaluation.

The application methods of risk analysis to concrete problems in the maritime and transport problems, and the identification of results reliability and their sensitivity to changing input data.


Goals and competencies

Give to doctoral students deep and systematized knowledge in the field of risk analysis, and their use in the design process and governance of maritime and transport systems.


Subject-specific competencies :

  • mastering methods and approaches to risk analyses
  • modelling of physical processes of the threat of hazardous substances
  • mastering the criteria functions of acceptance
  • the application of risk management techniques and methods to reduce risks
  • determining the individual and collective risks regarding specific maritime and transport systems

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