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Transport and Maritime Sciences

The Decision-Support Model in Transportation


The Decision Support Model (DSM)

  • Definition of the decision problem
  • DSM inputs
  • Survey and choice of decision support methodologies
  • The DSM computer program
  • Risk Reduction Measures
  • Objectives and contents
  • Identification of the risk reduction measures:
    • The effectiveness of risk reduction measures
    • Effectiveness of risk reduction measures related to accident probabilities
    • Assessment of the risk reduction measures related to response times

Goals and competencies

The aim is to learn about all the important aspects of decision models based on risk analyses of possible accidents in storage and transportation of hazardous substances. The program gives the subject the in depth review of all relevant aspects such as analysis and understanding transportation quantitative risk analysis for hazardous substances, how to communicate risk study objectives to an experienced risk analyst, and how to do a reasonably detailed calculation based on available data.

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