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Transport and Maritime Sciences

Systems and Processes in Road Transport


Road transport system as a subsystem of transport system, from the technical and technological point of view, and from the viewpoint of the theory of systems and organization.

Compatibility of the elements of road transport and its processes in integrated traffic and transport-logistic processes.

The influence of sustainable development guidelines onto the technical development of the means of transport in road transport.

Optimization of processes for providing efficient functioning of road transport system as a subsystem of transport system.

Fleet management in road transport.

Different research approaches to systems and processes in road transport.


Goals and competencies

Objectives: To offer doctoral students deep and systemized knowledge on systems and processes in road transport which is one of the most important subsystems of transport system. The knowledge is useful for successfully optimized solutions of integral traffic and transport-logistic processes.


  • good knowledge of different approaches to planning of systems and processes in road transport,
  • good knowledge of establishing standardizing functions for the functioning of systems and processes in road transport,
  • good knowledge of the optimizing procedure for processes in road transport that is provided for optimal use of means of transport for cost management,
  • good knowledge of modern methods and procedures in doing research in road transport.

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