The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
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Traffic Technology and Transport Logistics

Safety in Transport and Logistics


  • Definition and development of transport safety and security
  • Factors and basics of transport safety research
  • Factors that contribute to the emergence of transport accidents
  • Characteristics of participants and their involvement in transport
  • The impact of technical elements and specific measures on transport safety
  • Designing elements of a transport system from a transport safety perspective
  • Traffic security factors
  • The concept, aspects and areas of protection in supply chains
  • Education and training in the field of transport safety and security

Goals and competencies

Course specific competences relate to the knowledge of the:

  • basic characteristics and factors of transport safety and security,
  • basic characteristics of safety and security in individual transport modes in land, water and air transport,
  • basics of designing elements of the transport system from a transport safety perspective
  • basics of the supply chains security
  • basics of education and training in transport safety and security

Basic literature

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