The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
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Traffic Technology and Transport Logistics

Technology and Organization of Air Traffic


  • Definition, content, meaning and functional breakdown of the system structure of air traffic technology by type and level of activity.
  • Air transport technology:

⎯ transport and technological and transport economic characteristics of civil passenger and goods air transport,

⎯ the methodology and parameters for selecting the airplane and the structure of the air carrier's fleet,

⎯ valuable and natural aspects of the transport work and the effect of the transport process.

  • Reception and Expedition Technology:

⎯ traffic-technological and traffic-economic characteristics of airports,

⎯ methodology and parameters for monitoring and forecasting traffic flows of aircraft, passengers and cargo and means of transport land side of the airport,

⎯ models and methodology for determining the capacity of work operations in the passenger and cargo terminal and the capacity of the airport infrastructure elements,

⎯ valuable and natural aspects of the transport work and the impact of the process of acceptance and elimination of aircraft, passengers, baggage and cargo.

  • Air Traffic Management Technology:

⎯ definition and functional breakdown of the air traffic management system and definition, meaning, competence,

responsibilities and work methods of the subsystems: traffic flow management, airspace management and air traffic control services, including: air traffic control services, airline information service and alarm services, with an emphasis on the definition of hazard phases and procedures at the declared risk;

- definition, classification and dimensioning of airspace and air routes;

- airspace navigation equipment;

⎯ technical means of the air traffic management system;

- methods of work in the air traffic management system;

⎯ meaning, methodology of implementation and organization of coordination of activities in the air traffic system.

Development of air traffic technology and technology.      


Goals and competencies

  • The course provides in-depth and comprehensive theoretical starting points and practical solutions to the fundamental problems of air traffic technology with the objectives of training students to solve practical problems in: (i) planning, (ii) organizing, (iii) implementing and (iv) controlling (a) safe and (b) efficient process technological processes:
  • receiving and abolishing airplanes, passengers and their luggage and cargo,
  • air transport and air traffic management.

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