Teaching Mobility

This activity enables teachers from partner institutions to teach at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport. The mobility for teaching can take place in any subject area held at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport.


Teaching periods may take from 2 to 60 days. A minimum of 8 teaching hours per week is required. This also applies to visits of less or more than one week. The usual teaching period is 4-5 working days, excluding travel time.


Employees interested in teaching at the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport should contact the International Office of their home institution to check if there is an existing agreement between the two institutions. If the inter-institutional agreement covers teachers' exchanges, the staff member can request their home institution to nominate them for a staff teaching visit.


After nomination, the International Office of the Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport will establish a link between the visiting and hosting teachers to organise courses, which must be specified in the Mobility Agreement. The member of staff may arrange this directly with the academic contact in the respective academic department. 


The sending institution shall provide the visiting staff member with all contractual paperwork.  


The Signed Staff Teaching Mobility Agreement must be sent to international@fpp.uni-lj.si before the visit.