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Research Projects

Placing a cooperative LED display in a smart city environment

FPP project manager: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Evelin KRMAC

Project duration: from 07.02.2019 to 31.07.2019

Project aim

A partner in the project (Swarco Lea d.o.o.) has developed a special mobile trailer with a large LED display. The trailer can also be moved by car, but is adapted for use in urban environments. The company wanted to equip this trailer with appropriate sensors, radars, cameras, and similar measuring equipment and communication modules that will be able to send measured data (noise, pollution, vehicle speed, etc.) to the server where they will be stored and processed, and the user application that would be able to present this information to the operator in real-time, so that the content on the display could be managed remotely by the operator, depending on the measured values or events in the vicinity of the trailer. However, the trailer could also communicate with vehicles (V2X). The finished and upgraded trailer is ready for marketing and concrete use.  


So, the objective of the project was to connect students from different disciplines (and faculties/universities) and the representative from the work environment through solving the concrete problem of finding different ways to place (purposes of use) the trailer with a VMS display into the urban environment, find the appropriate equipment (sensors, cameras, and other instruments) while considering the psychological aspects of the perception of the content displayed on the VMS for a smart city.