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Research Projects

NAMIRS - North Adriatic Maritime Incident Response System

FPP project manager: Sr. Instr. Mag. Valter SUBAN


Project duration: from 01.03.2022 to 28.02.2024

Project financing: EU, UCPM-2021-PP-MARIPOL, 85% (Union Civil Protection Mechanism)

The aim of the North Adriatic Maritime Incident Response System - NAMIRS project is to expand and integrate the existing operational procedures of the Northern Adriatic Disaster Prevention, Preparedness and Response Plan. The project aims to ensure direct communication and effective coordination between Slovenia, Italy and Croatia and the use of a common operational mechanism for marine pollution response in the Northern Adriatic Sea and to contribute to the implementation of the Barcelona Convention within the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.


The project comprises a total of 5 work packages (WP):

  • WP1: Project management, implemented by the lead project partner.
  • WP2: Marine pollution response system in the Northern Adriatic Sea
    Preparation of an environmental risk assessment in the Northern Adriatic, analysis of existing marine environmental disaster response units and services and development of guidelines for the renewal of the sub-regional plan for prevention, preparedness and response to maritime accidents in the Northern Adriatic
    Draft guidelines aspects: Coordination, monitoring, communication protocols and information exchange, environmental risk reduction, especially for sensitive areas, regular training and exercise plans, command structure and response planning.
  • WP3: Planning and delivery of training
    Preparation and delivery of training for first responders (3 trainings with 45 participants) and maritime English course.
  • WP4: Preparation of SOPs and testing of marine pollution response system
    Preparation of SOP, organisation and implementation of a marine exercise in the Gulf of Trieste and development of the final version of the Marine Casualty Prevention, Preparedness and Response Safety Plan in the Northern Adriatic.
  • WP5: Promotion activities, communication and sustainability of the project, carried out by the lead project partner industry.